They say Bios should be BOLD and INTERESTING so here we go!! Im a feisty midwestern Jesus lover living in the big city of lights…Hollywood!! I love being a goofball and makes sense, I was the class clown in school. I couldn’t help it I’m a storyteller. I want to tell stories that captivate YOU, the reader, keep you on your feet and more importantly connect emotionally! From the first time I was on stage and I saw the effect my storytelling can have on someone I was hooked. And no I don’t mean like Neverland “Hooked”, even though that be cool too, you think its real Neverland? I’d say im a mixture of Raven Symone, Melissa Mcartney and a voice like Awkwafina. So watch out- I’ll be coming to a theater or TV screen near you. So how I do? Was it BOLD and INTERESTING? If so continue to the rest of the website or even better call my agents and BOOK me!!